This page called Lifestyle is dedicated to all travelers who, once arrive in our country intend to live a typical day exactly like as us Italians do. Discover the various lifestyle tours and choose the one that best suits you. In the lifestyle tours proposed in the side section you can truly live special and unique experiences, share a lunch with a classic Italian family, or enjoy one of our favorite Italian traditions "The Aperitivo", a drink/light meal that takes place at the end of the day as a kind of warm up to dinner. Despite the intensely regional character of Italian culture, this is one observance, along with Sunday mass and soccer, that you will find in almost every single town and city of the peninsula. If you don't take part when you visit you are missing one of the quintessential cultural expressions of Italy, not to mention the best way to enjoy the sunset. Do you want a down-to-earth place with piazza seating or the glamorous views of a rooftop bar? Hotels and designer bars usually offer special twists on classic cocktails, as well as the ritzy atmosphere to match, but the choices are endless. However, don't tire yourself with a breathless search on the web, because alca has already selected a series of enchanting and glamorous places to spend this one-of-a-kind experience!

What is it an aperitif (or aperitif)? It is often described as similar to American happy hour, but in reality, it is much more than that. An aperitif is a pre-meal drink specially designed to wet your appetite. Today, the simple drink has evolved and spread south to understand those glorious two hours throughout Italy – generally between 7:00pm and 9:00pm – when Italians meet to relax with a glass of wine or a light cocktail and finger food.
For visitors, hitting an aperitif bar can be just as useful as it's a great way to experience local culture, people watch, relax with a drink after a long day of sightseeing whilst taking the edge out of your hunger while you wait for that 9:00 pm meal!

What is usually the Italian order for the aperitif? While wine is common, aperitif time is the perfect time to try a classic Italian drink; a classic Martini, a Spritz or (If you are looking for something with more than one punch that is still very Italian) a Negroni, the most famous cocktail in Italy. After the aperitif you will change the location to dine and end the evening in one of the most charming and romantic restaurants located on the coast.

What’s a trip to Italy without stocking up on some Italian fashion? On this private tour, enjoy another special experience that we offer. Tour for the shopping addicted! Let yourself be carried away by our local guide drivers to discover sartorial shops that are hidden gems to find. Order a unique garment created specifically by the Sorrento and Neapolitan fashion shops. If instead you are looking for a more original dress and an unmistakable style with cotton linen-gauze materials-blade-lycra biolistic.. Lets visit the fashion shops in Positano as that is the one made for you! Clothing capable of enchanting and captivating the likes of former celebrities to people in the public eye to this day! The dresses in Positano style present a wide range of products such as linen suits, classic gowns characterized by the typical style of the Ballroom, elegant georgette and macramé suits, suitable for any occasion.

Especially in this part of Italy the shopping is not only about fashion lovers but also about lovers of jewelry, art and design. alca driver will take you directly to the small artisan factories where you can admire (and save) the skill of the artisans producing coral jewelry, cameos and bronze statues in the neoclassical style. You could visit one of the countless small ceramic factories located on the Amalfi Coast, where everything is linked to the beautiful ceramics or take a look at famous inlay shops situated in Sorrento that consist in a decorative composition made by cutting and inserting different essences, with effects obtained by fire.

During your stay in Italy you are likely to eat a lot of pasta, pizza, mozzarella, ravioli and much more. But, if you are a food lover (especially an Italian food lover) why not try a fun and educational experience. Take the opportunity to learn how to cook like an Italian, our cooking class can offer you a special opportunity to spend a unique day educating yourself in local cuisine. Choose from private cooking class (original and local Italian cooking class) that we offer on our tour. You can either book a private experience or you can share the experience with a small group cooking class, intensive courses of Neapolitan recipes, cooking school for children with English and Italian language teachers or pizza class. All courses will be held in a dedicated kitchen room with professional equipment.

Live your experience in Italy as an Italian, because this is a territory you mustn’t only visit, but must live!

Contact us for further information. We will be glad to customize your experience to your needs.

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